Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

Health tested parents for healthier puppies!  

We practice and encourage health testing in breeding programs to CHIC standards for our breed.  The CHIC program, jointly sponsored by the AKC and the OFA, and the Great Dane Club of America recommend the following screenings for the Great Dane breed:  HIPS (OFA or PennHIP), Cardiac, Thyroid & Eyes (CERF).

Although we still don't have the science behind genetic inheritance of many health issues in canines, we do believe that knowledge is power and the tools that we do have available benefit and should be utilized to make, better and more responsible breeding decisions.  The OFA has built a powerful tool to assist, not only breeders, to make better decisions, but puppy buyers to make a more informed purchase.  Please bookmark www.offa.org and take advantage of this powerful tool in your next puppy search.

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